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Hi Everyone,
I have had a look round the forum and cannot find an answer so hopefully you can help.
Firstly I have to say that emails sent from Manager and using custom SMTP server work ok. I have had reason lately to test how good my server email settings are using ‘’. Sending an email to from Manager resulted in a good score but identified that there was:
“SpamAssassin Rule: MISSING_MID” Standard description: Missing Message-Id: header
This suggests that the mail was sent by badly-configured mailout software rather than by a normal email client.
I have checked other systems on my server that send emails and all arrive with a Message_ID ok. Is this a Manager issue? Is there any way to include this. I am using version 17.7.14 but just updated to current version and still the same.

Appreciate any thoughts on this.

Here’s a relevant article that I found with a quick search:

There seems to be two options:

  1. Your SMTP server has to be configured to automatically include the message ID
  2. Manager can generate its own ID, which follows RFC 2822 Section 3.6.4

My suggestion would be to attempt the first option for now … the OP responded to that answer: “Actually I asked my hosting to fix it and they did :)” … so you may have similar success if you contact your email provider.

Which email provider are you using?

Hi ShaneAU
Thank you for your reply. As mentioned the same mail server (I have my own server with a UK hosting company) is used for other applications, and messages from these all have the message_ID ok which is why I was wondering if it was a Manager issue.
I would be interested to know how to set up Manager to generate its own ID.

I think the key point is that the mail server can be configured to automatically include a Message ID.

My suspicion is that all of the other emails you are sending from the same mail server are being sent from a client that generates the Message ID for you.

Following that link I posted above, the asker of the question had this to say:

Emphasis added. His situation sounds almost identical to yours … with the exception here being that the application in his case was one that he had created, and the application in your case is Manager (created by someone else).

He had the ability to update his application if needed, but in the end his solution didn’t require that, because his mail server was updated to automatically insert a Message ID if the email client failed to do so.

Can Manager be updated to generate a Message ID as well? I would think so. And perhaps this can be tagged as a bug report or feature request by a moderator at some point.

But the reason I suggested the mail server option … is because it may solve your problem faster :slight_smile:

Thank you for that info.
There was no setting within the Plesk panel Mail settings for “Automatically including a message ID” . Looking up config info for Postfix there does seem to be a setting - ‘always_add_missing_headers (default: no)’ but looking at my file this option was not there.
I will contact the hosting company but they like to charge for any changes so as it is not that important will maybe end up waiting to see if Manager will support this in the future.
Thanks again for your time ShaneAU

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Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other things lately.

Let us know here if you are trying to do this again, and we’ll try to provide any help we can.