Sending email not working BlueHost/Roundcube/Webmail

I purchased a domain, and hosting from BlueHost.
Webmail/Roundcube is included in it.

I’m using the manager cloud edition.

Test email settings works when I input the email settings. I receive that email.

I can send and receive emails from the Webmail/Roundcube app.

However, from the manager app, when I try to email anyone other than the registered email, the emails do not go.

Could it possibly be due to the PDF attachment?
Is there anyway to view the “email header”. The domain host (BlueHost) is requesting that to diagnose the email.
Has anyone faced a similar problem? Solutions?

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Please start by reading the Forum Rules/FAQ in which is indicated that you should read the Guides (in this case Troubleshoot email issues) and search the forum before starting a new topic.

I did read it. The emails can be sent from all other emails, just not this particular one.

Then publish the information asked for in that guide.

Which guide?

The one you said you read in post # 3.

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I read this: Guides | Manager
and this: Troubleshoot email issues | Manager

Both don’t have an option to post anything there.

You must post the required information here in the forum. If you read the guides as you claimed then you should have noticed the following:

How can I increase my chances of getting useful information?

  • Be specific. Do not just tell us a feature does not work. Explain what you have done and why you think there is an issue. If your question relates to an apparent software problem (rather than an accounting topic), tell us your operating system (including the version), Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud), and exactly what you think is wrong. If possible, post screen shots illustrating the problem.

Noted. WIll edit the post. Thank you

  1. So the test mail you sent from Manager SMTP settings shows?:

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 11.13.44

  1. And you received the email to the test address you inputted?

All is explained in details at Email transactions and reports | Manager

Where did I ask you to post anything there, i.e. in the guides? You said you read the guide about troubleshooting but you clearly haven’t read it well. So read that guide again, especially the last paragraph in which it’s clearly indicated what information you have to post.

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I receive the test email correctly.
If I send any emails back to my own company email, those emails (with attachments) deliver ok.

The problem is when I send anything to any other email.

So confirm that when using a screen similar to below test-business mailing screen that it would successfully send and email to your own email address but not to others:

I confirm. This is what i’m seeing. Emails to my private email are not being sent.

I contacted Blue Host domain support, after going back and forth, this is what they replied:

I have checked email logs for the email and could see emails being filtered as spam. I could see the below logs showing up:

<> F=<> R=fightspamHG T=bypassed

It does look like the applications are configured with local IP to be shown on mail header which is marking the emails in the filter. I am afraid, the trace of the local IP is still advisable to be checked on the remote end as it should apply for loopback for other connections as well if applied from the server end. From hosting Support end, we will not be able to check on the settings on the third-party client.

We would recommend reaching out to a developer/server administrator to ensure that you have the service/application set up properly. Our support does not assist with custom configurations or setting up/troubleshooting custom applications as this is something beyond our scope of support.

You are using an outdated version of Manager in any case because in your Delivery Note screenshot you see a PDF attachment which is not the case in newer versions. You claim to be on Cloud Edition but that one is updated frequently so I wonder where this screenshot comes from. Also the Bluehost support explains that it shows a local IP, all pointing to using a Desktop version not the Cloud version. Please explain!