Email Issues


I’m having problems sending emails from Manager.
This can be for sending Invoices, or for sending reports. It looks like email in general does not work, and I cant seem to troubleshoot or track the problem.

We run the Server Edition on Amazon Web services, and Gmail business services for email.
I’ve checked :
-> Amazon services are up and running.
-> Password is correct in Gmail, logged out and back in again from web browser.
-> Amazon Security Groups allow ports 25, 465, 587 in both directions.
-> ssh into Amazon server and successfully tested those ports by telnet’ing to Gmail testing each one.
-> the username and password in Gmail are the same as in Manager.IO Settings.
-> have tried using different email accounts in Manager.IO
-> backed up and restored business file

Not sure what else to try?!

Desperately need this fixed as we have not been able to invoice our clients for just under a fortnight.


Are you using custom SMTP server? If so, what SMTP port are you using?

If you switch off custom SMTP, can you send emails?


Thanks lubos for responding,

Yes, we’re using Gmail business services for SMTP.
It’s weird, I changed the custom SMTP server settings to use port 25, SSL, and SMTP authentication - it now works!
This combo did not work earlier. Perhaps Google changed some of its GMail security settings for external apps?