Email failure sending mail

Everything has been working fine, sent last invoices via email on 23 Jan 2022, nothing changed and I did invoices on Sunday and it says failure sending mail
I tried test email and it said operation timed out.

I updated to the latest version - now saying I have 22.1.14

The same error messages are showing and emails are not sending.

Hostname .com (space in here only to stop it linking)

Port 587

Thank you for any help

Please read the Guide: Troubleshoot email issues | Manager. Follow all relevant links. If still having problems, furnish all requested information.

Thank you, I have read through that, hence why I tried downloading the latest version.
None of my email settings in email set up had changed from the 23rd Jan when emails were working fine?
I cant do the screen shots, and it is a hotmail email adddress
*It is Desktop edition
Windows 11 home version 21H2

use this

That has worked. I did try looking up smtp hostname for hotmail incase that had changed but I kept seeing the one I already had.

Thank you

Use the upload icon Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.03.50 PM above the composing pane after using some type of screen grabber from your operating system.