Invoice not sending

Have you read the Guide on emailing and troubleshooting emails? You have not furnished required information.

Oky soo it was a working manger invoice system…

Had a backup of the operating system on my old hdd from 2019/feb

My operating system crached did a clone and when i had the old hdd set up it was working back in the day

So i have Uninstalleed everything deleted all sins of the program and reinstall set up a new business with the same email… Keep geting this error oor a smtp time out 5.7.0

I have gmail… Also let less sucure apps on
Imp and pop is enabeld

Tried defrent ports
Older versions of the software aswell

Any ideas what i kan traai next

As I said, provide the information required by the troubleshooting Guide.

Where is this troubleshooting guide

If you enter “email” into the search box on the guides page it will show in the list

I have gone doen all those steps on the forms thats way i am asking now

Tnx tride all the gmail settings like thay say not working

You will need to provide more information to get further help

Start by identifying what version (Cloud, Server, Desktop) and edition (version number) of Manager you are using?

What Operating system and version are you using?

What email provider are you trying to connect to?

Show a screen image of your email setup - hide your password info

Rather than posting a picture of the screen, it would be better to post a screen capture of the screen using a Snipping tool