Email doesn't work

After updating to the latest version the email doesn’t work. I get te following error:

The remote server returned an error: (403) Not allowed.

I tried te redo the whole smtp story and the test mail does arrive in my mailbox. I also checked if the logo on the invoice wasn’t larger than 250kb, bus this also is not the case.

A 403 error typically indicates that you do not have adequate permissions to permit you access to something.

I would suggest that you first check and verify your SMTP settings and details.

So why does the test-email arrive then…?

Is the test email on the same domain as the SMTP server? It might have allowed that to pass through but not domains outside the SMTP server?

Was the test email address that generated the error on an different domain?

Yes, the test mail is to my email adres, but when I try to send an invoice to any adres including my own it, doen’t work. This should be right:

But the strange thing is, that when I insert the SSL port number, some kind of time-out occurs. But when I do select the SSL but insert the TLS portnumber (587) it does send the test email…

A few days ago we had a similar issue. Test email would work to own email address but invoice would not send. Don’t know if your issue is the same but on the top of the email settings screen in email address we changed:

My business name<>
To just

And all working again.

not working for me :sweat:

@kiteherstel1, what if you turn off custom SMTP server. Does it work to send emails?

Also, port 465 is unsupported. You need to use port 587.

I tried every combination. Custom SMTP on and off, both port 465 and 587. I double checked my password, email address. I made an new business and dit it all over again. Nothing seems to work. This all occurred after updating the program.

What’s your operating system? Is this desktop edition?


And your operating system is?

Windows 7

Can you try one more test? Create new test business and see if you can send an email from there.

If you can’t, then send me this test business to and I will try to trace this issue on my system.

Just tried it, nothing seems to work. I’ll send the testbusiness. Thanks!