I cannot get invoices to email


Since latest update I cannot email invoices. What’s wrong?


There has been an update to increase security for those who are using custom SMTP server to send emails.

Do you get any error message or does it hang forever? Are you using custom SMTP server to send emails?


It just hangs, yes I am using custom SMTP server


Are you using SSL? And if so, which port? 465? Try port 587 instead.


I am not using SSL at all


The issue will be still your SMTP server settings though. Keep in mind, previous version appeared like it worked because if sending through custom SMTP server failed, Manager automatically reverted back to default sending method. New version doesn’t do this anymore.

Are you sure your SMTP settings are correct? Can you setup some other email program on your computer with the same settings and see whether you are able to send emails through it?

By the way, you can switch off custom SMTP server option until you resolve this problem.


I have the same issue. Settings are correct and work in Thunderbird. However, no matter what email smtp account I use it always fails to send.

Please check.