Email counter and tab bugs

I am not picking on you. I only asked what you were referring to, since there was no reference to Bulk Delete in this topic until you introduced it.

is there an update on the delete button?
Currently it is not possible to delete emails because the email button is not there.

When anything changes, it will be announced in this topic.

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In the latest version (21.7.48) I’m abandoing Emails tab and merging it with History.

If you go to History, your Create, Update, Delete and Email actions will be shown on the same screen but you can filter by action. For example, you can select Email action in top-right corner which will give you email log only just like Emails tab.


The advantage of this approach is that when you view history for a transaction (e.g. invoice), you will see when the email has been created, updated, emailed etc. on the same screen. It just makes sense for Email to be part of history.

As for deleting individual emails, I’m not planning to support this just like no support for deleting individual history entries. However, I could implement some kind of Purge mechanism. E.g. purge all history older than 1 year (or whatever age you specify).

Currently the only way to purge history is to create a backup without history.


Email as a TAB was able to be accessed by users, but with it merging with History, I can not find how to allow other users to access it with out giving ‘full access’

A case use is for example, a user who is responsible to send invoices can later double check in the emails tab that it was sent if they have forgotten if they did it or not, where as now have no way of checking it.

The issue with Emails tab was that restricted users if given access would see all emails. For example, user would not normally have access to payslips but could see emailed payslips. Or emailed financial statements.

I think the solution is that restricted users can view History only for the tabs they normally have access to.

For example, if user can see Sales Invoices, they could see history (including emails) for sales invoices only. Not for everything.

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Great solution - looking forward to it.

Not sure if I understand this well. So we will not be able to delete history entries nor emails?

@eko, I’m thinking to implement some kind of purge mechanism that will allow you to bulk delete all entries in history older than XYZ months or years.

But we use history to undo errors we made at some point or correct errors made by others.

I’m not really sure what is the problem. You do not have to purge history ever.

Maybe it is a matter of lanuguage. When you stated you will not support deleting individual history items I understood that the undo function that currently exist in history would disappear. I also do not understand why you do not allow deleting emails as some never went through well, some were test emails, etc. Now that you put emails in history you can not hide them anymore as you could with tab. So not sure why you disallow users to correct errors by deleting such.

I don’t know what the developer has in mind but I think that deleting individual emails would do nothing besides obscuring the audit trail. It’s not like deleting the email entry from the history would pull it back because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Also, emails contain attachments which can be very handy if you undone creating the original transaction. That maybe the only way to find out what has been shared with external parties.

I hear you, but the issue is that it should be an option because it is a facility and not actually an essential element of any audit I have ever experienced. One could for example download and print and give by hand (how to trace), download and email (then delete sent emails), so similarly if we do not want an email record we should be able to delete it or give delete privileges.

@eko when I think about it, you can actually “delete” individual entries in history by undoing them. You can’t really undo sending an email but I do not see any harm in allowing to delete individual emails now.

Thank you @Lubos much appreciated.

21.9.10 Desktop edition - Windows10 x64 build 19043
Emails tab.

  1. there is no option to delete emails.
  2. the pdf attachments in emails tab open within Manager as a browser rather than the default pdf viewer installed. there is no option to go back to the previous screen and Manager window needs to be closed completely.

also, please clarify whether the attachments in emails tab are part of the business data file. i can see the attachments are named *.pdf and i hope clicking on it creates a temp cache file rather than a saved pdf within the business data file. the latter would increase the data file size considerably.

I have a diametrically opposite view.
I hope the document is created when sent and not changeable there after. If there was an error in the document sent for any reason including a program fault, I want a copy of the “erroneous” document sent out.

Any dynamic created document would not reliably achieve that. Storage is of trivial cost compared to data accuracy.

i can understand your requirement but the erroneous document can be simply obatained from your email program if you enable sending a copy to your email address. this would benefit both troubleshooting and storage management. also, a program fault in Manager which causes an email to be not sent will anyway not appear in the emails tab.