E-mail template not shown

I recently upgraded Manager after 4 months. All my e-mail templates are not shown in version 21.11.15 and .25 (MacOS 12.0.1). Several restored backup didn’t show the templates either. That means that the data is not gone, but not shown/used by the application. I know Lubos was working on the e-mail system. But I can’t think this was a desired functionality. Anybody else has the same experience?

all email templates that were created is still visible here.
21.11.20 Desktop - Windows 10 x64

The current version is 21.11.25 (today this time). Please show the settings-email templates screenshots.

Current situation

Example from the e-mail history

E-mail settings

Are you sure you backed-up the emails every time you made a backup?

(see image):

From your screenshots it is also not clear what you are missing or what is not working. Some more details would go a long way.

The second screenshot should contain the information shown in the third screenshot, with placeholders for custom fields (e.g. first name).

And yes, I always back up my entire administration.

In the example from the email library there is no evidence that the content, except for the subject was generated by placeholders for example Beste mevrouw, meneer is not containing reference fields to name such as {{ recipient.name }}

Is the data in the old version there, ie the complete email template for sales invoice?

Beste mevrouw, meneer is the content of the custom field First name.

I do not have the old version of Manager anymore… I have it overwritten by the current version. Lesson learned: always keep the previous version… And no recent Time Machine backup.

I’m afraid I have to reconstruct the content by hand. But this should not happen in the first place.

You can always install other versions for example on your mac. Just look in Manager Github for your older version.

I am sorry, but other users including myself would have suffered loss of the same if an error in Manager. Somewhere along the line you may have made an error.

hit the Email button when viewing your Sales Invoice.
Does the template appear in the pop-up window? you can copy the contents from there and update your Email Templates.

Nope, that was the first place I noticed something’s wrong.

All 4 templates are gone. If one was gone, then a personal error is the most likely option (select all, delete, save). I don’t think I’ve made an error. But if it the error can’t be reproduced, than I have bad luck. Thanks for your support.

maybe try updating WebView for your OS. i am not entirely sure about this but there is no harm in trying.

Actually, neither of these statements is correct. Your screen shots show that you have active templates defined for 4 transaction types, and their listed subjects match the definitions. Your problem is not that the templates are missing, but that they have no content in their bodies.

You should search your History file for Update actions for the templates.

@Tut, Thanks for the advise to check the History. I do miss a search functionality. But I checked it. No update on the templates.

How is it possible that the content in the database disappears when updating? If that is the case, what other (more vital) fields are deleted when updating?!? The success of an accounting system depends on its reliability. That’s the reason I assumed the data was hidden, not gone.

Maybe MacOS 12 is to blame?

Fortunately I was able to retrieve the content from a backup in a previous version of Manager I downloaded from Github. But my trust in Manager really has decreased by this accident.