Email address disappears when adding attachment

I have checked previous topics and not found similar.

When adding an attachment to a quotation the email address disappears.

It reappears once the attachment is removed.

May I also ask if I can send to more than one address at the same time?

Kind regards

Please explain yourself. Sales quotes do not include email addresses unless they are custom fields set to show on documents. Adding an attachment when viewing one does not cause them to disappear.

Not if sending directly from Manager. To do that, you would need to generate a PDF, then send the PDF as an attachment from your regular email client.

When I create a quote the email address of the customer shows at the top and I then send the quote to them.
When I add an attachment the email facility is not there. When I remove the attachment the email box shows again.

Can you illustrate this with a screen shot? I still do not know what you are referring to, as email addresses do not appear on sales quotes.

Works perfectly for me - Windows 10, Desktop version 19.2.55


The original post seemed to state that the email address was disappearing from the sales quote. @Silverlea, are you saying it disappears fro the email form itself? That would be a completely different issue.

Thank you both for your help. What was happening is when I clicked on the email box with an attachment it was blank and I could not enter an email address to send it. Once I took the attachment off the email box was fine. It is working fine now so I do not know why it didn’t work this morning.

It all works brilliantly with the customization as I can monitor the status of the quote right through from the work in progress to the job complete. It is brilliant and makes my life so much easier to see at a glance which quotes are pending, accepted with PO’s, work in progress, problem…you name it I can monitor it…so many many thanks.