Ability to attach files to emails

Good morning, I have a requirement to include an attachment with the e-mailed invoice or quote. Currently, I have to print the invoice or quote to an Adobe document then include the attachment by emailing both docs with MS Outlook for example.

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Hi there, I regularly make attachments to invoices to email. There should be “attach” to click on down the bottom of the invoice.

Good morning Janine, thank you for your reply. The only sign of any attachement is the one called “New Attachment” at the bottom of the invoice in “View” mode. If I click on the e-mail option button at the top of the screen, the program pops up for the email address and a shorth message. There is no provision there either for an attachement. Have I missed something? My business is importing and I would like to attach a document of terms and conditions to some invoices or quotes.

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No, you’re not missing anything. That’s why I put this in the Ideas category.

The workaround is to generate and save a PDF, then use your regular email and attach the invoice and any other files. Do this outside the Manager program.

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Thank you for your reply Tut, yes that is what I already do if you read my original post.

I seldom reread the entire thread when replaying to later posts.

Awaiting to see the file attachment feature to emails.its obvious an offer or order goes with a catalogue or proof of delivery etc. the work around method of saving manager document as.pdf and send all files by external email system is not a comfort way. hope @lubos adds this feature very soon to bring one more Gem of Manager.


This is an awesome idea. Would be great if it could be implemented.
Any idea how far along this option is on the road map or is it just an idea for now?

Rhey, I agree but for some reason it is not implimented.

Added to the latest version (18.4.99).

When you have attachments such as:

Clicking on email button will allow you to select them when sending an email:


Thank you! This is fantastic!

Wow, thats great. Thanks @lubos. you made lot of people happy about this. God Bless.:+1:

I haven’t tested it yet but we will give it a go soon. Thank you.

Hi @lubos. I am a bit slow in saying thank you for finding such a sensible way to do this, This has been a long time in coming , I think first requested in 2013 or 14 yr in a different tread to this one; but due to your perseverance you have found a way, I believe this ability is still not possible on many of the hosted accounting programs well known paid software versions , so for you to have achieved this is really a major achievement. Thank you so very much as this has been a major feature I have needed since beginning to use Manager.io.

I have found I need to have the file uploaded or attached a file as an attachment to the document say Invoice before selecting email as you have said above ,is the step that was not obvious at first ( when read in the newsletter but you have explained that nicely above. absolutely fantastic to do this so easily now

Thanks again