Editing Tax Amounts

In Manager can we edit tax amount? Because in my country (Indonesia), tax amount can be roundup to 0 decimal. If we can’t, should we have to entry journal or what can i do with this case? Any idea to handle it?

Tax amount is dynamically calculated, it cannot be changed and for the good reason. Tax reports wouldn’t look very trustworthy if tax amounts wouldn’t be specific fractions of total sales/purchases.

One solution to your issue would be to allow tax codes with special rounding rules. This way your tax amounts would be automatically rounded to zero decimals without doing anything manually.

However, how common is this in Indonesia? Why is this important to you?

There are also cases where in taxes calculated by the system differs by decimal places here in the Phillippines. That actually depends on where the rounding off occurs. It can be rounded up to the tax, rounded up to the tax base. This is a common problem when using tax inclusive pricing.

Ok, I agree with u, Mr. Lubos about the trustworthy report.

In Indonesia, the tax calculation is rounding down until 0 decimal.

For example, I write them for your help analyze

In-Tax/Out-Tax Amount

10% x Rp 100.345.567,75 = Rp 10.034.556,77

rounded down :

= Rp 10.034.556.

I live in the US and I had to put in my State tax code but it will not calculate on the invoice. I can’t seem to find any solution, I can’t put in anywhere.

I hope there is rounding features.
I believe some country need this

@lubos , Is there any update on rounding off to zero decimal for tax codes…?? I am facing rounding off issue and I need to round my tax codes figures to zero decimal places(like this “.00” )


Search the forum. There have been several discussions of tax rounding.