Adjust tax total


Is there a way to adjust the total tax to match suppliers invoice? After entering the data in manager my tax total is out by 0.01

Supplier invoice subtotal is 2812.45, tax 15% 421.87 and total including tax is 3234.32. On manager the amounts are 421.88 and the total including tax is 3234.33. Any suggestions?

Rounding off option is still not implemented yet @lubos
so the a way around option is to create a new account in expense cateogory as Rounding off. and when making purchase invoice put the rounding off amount matching with supplier sales invoice in that account.
it will work for you as a temprory solution @Robojock

@manishkumarshivam I have done that. It only effects the sub total and the total. Not the the VAT/TAX amount. Changing the tax option also has not effect either

you cant change that the tax percent is set by goverment.
suppose tax amount is $4.05 and if you try rounding it off then the percentage of tax that goverment has imposed will also be changed.
so you can round off the total amount not the tax amount.

@manishkumarshivam i have found the solution :slightly_smiling_face: