Tax Amount

Hi, I wanted know if it is possible that with the next update that you can change the tax amount line in all the inputs so that we can type in or change the tax amount manually? For example: when I create a payment and I type in the payment amount by default it should be as it currently is but then I select Tax amount and manipulate the tax amount myself. I will tell you this that some Point of Sale systems calculate their tax amounts slightly differently by some cents. So if I take their tax amount that they have given me because that is the tax I have paid them and enter that tax amount on my payments?

Just a suggestion?

I don’t think it is feasible. It will break all the tax reporting tools.

Most likely, the other systems calculate a subtotal and apply the tax percentage to that. Manager (and most other double-entry accounting systems) calculates the tax on each line item and sums them all. This can result in rounding differences. Tax authorities are well aware of this possibility.

The easiest approach is to enter tax-inclusive prices and check the box for Amounts are tax inclusive. Then your transactions will agree with the other party’s total. And Manager will have its necessary line-item tax amounts, which are essential when returns, refunds, credit notes, and debit notes are processed.

Manual editing of tax amounts is a disaster waiting to happen. And it would be difficult to justify in an audit.

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