Editing on particular date for several bank account transactions at once


There are some repetition that appears on my activities.
When I reconcile the bank date of transaction, I need to change status “pending” to “clear” on particular date. See picture 1.
Picture 1:


What was happening is there are several (or a lot) transaction which are need to be change to status “clear” on the same particular date. See picture 2.
Picture 2:

So, would it be able to add button to check some record which The status can be edit to the same particular date at once?

It would be more efficient.

Thank you in advance.

If you imported the bank statement then by default Manager will give them cleared status. I guess that you have a lot of manual entries.

I just realize, there is imported the bank statement feature.

I just take a look and tried several times, but cannot be done.
below is CSV I have done:

When in XLS, will look like this:

When I push Next, it state “The file you are trying to import is invalid”.

Could you give me an advise?

I already sync the number format.

You have the sequence wrong, please consult Import bank statements | Manager