Bulk clearing pending bank transactions

Is it possible to have a checkmark where we can tickmark all bank transactions that have been cleared so that the status changes from pending to cleared?

The current process requires that we open each and every transaction and mark them as cleared which is tedious and takes a lot of time.

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Manager also makes use of clearance dates, which your tick box approach would not accommodate.

Can the clearing date not be the date the tick box have been checked and cleared? OR a possibility to enter the date manually which is then set as a clearing date for all the transactions?

The clearance date needs to be the date the bank cleared each transaction. You might not get around to updating your transactions until later. This could interfere with proper reconciliation.

Another up-vote here. Checkboxes and a date picker on each line with an update button at the end would make our bank recs much much quicker.


Alternatively, have all transactions entered as cleared, and only mark those as pending as required.

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