New Experimental Summary Screen - Adding Clearing Date

Dear @lubos

would it be possible to add the Status or Clear Date under Payment or Receipt and Inter Transfer Account as a column

First, pending/cleared status only applies to bank transactions. So it would be useless for all cash transactions in the Receipts & Payments tab.

Second, from an accounting viewpoint, no receipt or payment is pending or cleared. They are recorded because they have happened. The fact that they have been recorded defines their status.

Third, the information is already available under the Bank Accounts tab, to which it relates, by drilling down on the Cleared balance column. Dates shown are clearance dates, not transaction dates. Pending transactions do not show in that column. They can be viewed by drilling down in the Pending deposits and Pending withdrawals tabs. Their dates are transaction dates. In other words, all the information you want is already provided in the tab where it has meaning.

can you please guide me how to know the pending transactions and when it was cleared. Manager will show the clear date within the date column.

it is true that it is not useful to show in Payment and Receipt but it will be useful to show this information in Bank Tab.

I need to know the pending transaction at created date and when it was cleared at later date if you can generate this report it will be very much appreciated. this is reason behind this request.

one customer had 2018 payment and receipt it was cleared and his bank now unbalanced. I tried to review it from audit trail and new release but I couldn’t because it was cleared in March or April.

it is possible to get this information by customs report. I have tried but I couldn’t find the account and clear date under payment or receipts
looking forward for your support

Read the Guide: Track cleared and pending status of bank transactions | Manager

You will see transaction dates or clearance dates, depending on which column you are drilling down on. There is no report. This information is available directly from the program by default.

Create a bank reconciliation. You will be guided through the process of finding the problem. See Reconcile bank accounts | Manager.

Dear @Tut
thanks for your guide

I done all the guides

Truly I need to know the clear date for the transaction was on pending status for certain reason.

in his case it is a bit complicated he summarized the entry on monthly and some of them on daily base due to that it was difficult to find out these information. be aware that he is running the business since 2015 till 2020. by mistake he cleared some pending transaction for 2018 by mistake now he can’t find it.

if you have a better way to find it please let me know.

Now that you have explained in more detail, I understand what you want.

There is no way to find out when a bank transaction was changed from pending to cleared unless your client kept daily backups. You would need to then import all those backups and search until you found the last day on which the status showed as pending.