Adding a checkmark in the bank reconciliation

It will be great if Manager can add a checkmark in the bank reconciliation so we can mark as cleared the transactions more quickly. I need to know in what month the transaction is cleared I don’t need exactly the specific date. The check mark can put the date as the last date of the month that the checkmark box is marked.

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Hi @MHG, welcome to the forum.

Currently, you can only mark a transaction cleared using either manual edits one transaction at a time, or using Batch update.

I agree that there should be a faster, more user-friendly way to mark cleared bank transactions.

I think this could be a good idea and it might be based on the planned and enhanced Find & recode function.

I am placing this in ideas.

Thank you for your fast response. How can I do this now with the batch update?

Read the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager.

I disagree with the notion of check marks to indicate reconciliation for two reasons:

  1. A check mark does not indicate anything has been reconciled against anything else. Even if not abused, it only indicates someone has opened a list and checked a box. Reconciliation requires comparison. Check boxes only require clicks. Reconciliation reports via Manager’s Bank Reconciliations tab provide the necessary comparison.

  2. In order to complete a meaningful reconciliation, a clearance date is required. Check boxes do not furnish this.

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There are those who do weekly reconciliations or every 3 days.

A place to quickly change the cleared status of a transaction would be great but I think it will be good if that is added in the Reconciliation Screen.

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No, but they can be a trigger for a pop up so we can enter a date.
Right now, if I have a discrepancy, I have to print out the bank statement and the manager bank reconciliation and check it off “old school”. That’s a lot of wasted paper! Some times you just have to check things off to find the duplicate or incorrect entry.

You don’t need to print anything, @donnamesker. You just need to follow through with the reconciliation process. It’s all internal to the program.