Edit sales and purchase invoices to include the receipt and payment

may you edit design of sales invoice to including receipt in the same invoice , and also in purchase invoice with payment in the same it
i will attach the picture from other program for more clarification of
my idea
it is helps us to dis-crease the time of recording and make it more flexibility

I suspect most of the functionality you are looking for is contained in this idea

Invoices must remain separate from receipts or payments because different accounts are involved. But there are convenient features that link them in the workflow. While viewing an invoice, click the New Receipt or New Payment button. Read Record a receipt | Manager and Record a payment | Manager.

Once the receipt or payment is recorded, this shows in the mini-statement at the bottom of the invoice: Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 6.53.42 AM

it is helpful if you make the receipt with sales invoice and payment with purchase invoice
because some suppliers and customers should be have statement of transactions and need to check all invoices to compare all prices at the both of them
kindly to edit this option in sales and purchase invoice
realy it is High efficiency and super flexibility

Have you looked at the transaction-type statements for customers and suppliers? These will allow comparison of receipts and payments against corresponding invoices. But the statement is not going to provide a line-by-line listing of what was on the invoice, if that is what you mean, because receipts and payments are posted to different accounts than line items on invoices., as I said before.

Dear my brother
I tell you what is right for me
So is it available to you for making in your program?
Every place has a system and accounts that differ from others
What I mentioned to you previously is just to increase the flexibility and efficiency of the program
May you do it or not suitable for you to do the required?
i Know all you said in the last conversation , if it suitable for me i would not have sent all of this
and i sent form from another program to explain what i need
and you continue to convince me of what is known before and have been tried and not appropriate for our system of certified accounts
please may you make option for this and Every user is free to accept it or not
thanks for your attention

Manager is not my program. I am a forum moderator, not the developer.

Speaking honestly, showing photographs of a different program’s screens does not explain how that program works or what you want. I have explained why invoices must be separate from receipts and payments. If you believe Manager is not suitable for your needs, you should not use the program. Use the other one you seem to like so much.

after creating the invoice you can directly click on the New Receipt or New Payment button.

when you click the button, everything will be prefilled for you in the receipt/payment form and it will not be much time consuming.