Idea - adding 'paid' option to sale/purchase invoice


Is that possible to add this option so that when choosen a receipt will be generated automatically
with full invoice value and in a choosen cash/bank account

there are some benefits to this
1- you dont have to manually add a receipt when is paid instantly
2-we can use this instead of cash sale and everything will be shown in the customer statement
2-we can use this for walk-in customers cash sales adding a customer with the name ‘cash client’ or ‘cash sales’ and we can have a detailed report about this as we have with all the consumers.

this can work with purchases in the same way generating automatically a payment from a choosen cash/bank account

Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices should be used for sales/purchases on credit.

Cash sales, cash purchases should be recorded directly under Receipts & Payments tab.

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@lubos i understand the logic, however is a good option so dont have to manually add a receipt when is paid instantly, from an existing consumer. and we cant put it as a cash sale because we need the history of purchases for the consumer.

In future, it will be possible to link cash sale to link with customer.

See: Improvement to payment and receipt forms

@lubos that is very good i have supported it too
i just posted this because i thought it will be easier to be made and it will serve the same function
as the normal workflow for everyone is
1-st thing make an invoice
as clients always ask for invoices

adding an amount field give the possibility to make partial payment (advance) in the same screen
and the client get away with the invoice and balance due all in the same printed page

Let’s wait for improvements to receipts/payments forms first. You might find out you actually don’t need this anymore once receipts/payments are extended appropriately.

you made a very good program i have faith in your chooices