Payments and Receipt screen

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you ever though of the functionality in the payments and receipt screen that it shows you if the payment or receipt is linked to a purchase or sales invoice?
it is a bit frustrating to edit each payment / receipt to see if the purchase or sales invoices that it relates to were captured and tagged to the entry or the other way around? so, I thought that a visible indicator would be nice in the payment and receipt screen. Or is this already available and I don’t know it?

Not sure I understand - for example I have entered a receipt from a customer using the New Receipt when viewing the invoice and the receipt clearly shows the invoice concerned

and the same for a supplier payment

@Epic_Doors, your post is not really clear. Are you referring to the Edit or View screens for payments and receipts? Or are you referring to the Receipts & Payments tab? Also, your description of editing payments/receipts, capturing, and tagging are not clear. Just what are you asking?

what I am trying to say is on the Payments and Receipt screen itself (attached screen)

, it would be nice to see a indicator that is tick for instance to indicate that the payment/receipt is for a sales or purchase invoice and not just a payment for fuel or something like that.
the only time you can see if a payment is for a sales or purchase invoice, is if you physically go and view the payment/receipt itself. there is no overall view for all at once to see if it is.

There are at least two ways to have this information, if you want it:

  1. Add a list-type custom field for receipts and payments, by which you can choose whether the transaction is for a sales or purchase invoice. Check the box to have the custom field show as a column. The field will be visible on the Receipts & Payments tab listing.

  2. Enter the receipt number in the Description field. For example: “Water and electricity on Purchase Invoice 2345.”

Thanks @Tut, I went for the first option. I will give it a go and see if it will help me.