Idea to add Receipts in Sales Orders

I have a furniture store so i work alot with orders witch are delivered with in 30 or 40 days at the moment i am using sales invoices and i am changing it from custom tittle . i would like to suggest as an idea to add payments just like in sales invoice to sales orders so i can finaly use the program properly

Do you mean Receipts and not Payments?

Sales Orders have no effect on accounts. I don’t understand what your workflow is - do you not convert orders to invoices when a sale is made?

yes Receipts. When custumer is making the order he has to give some money in advance 50% , so i have to add that money somewhere thats why i use sales invoce and change the title to sales order

Perhaps below link will help

your suggestion of applying receipts to sales orders will not work properly in accounting perspective because once the order is completed you will have a partially paid sales order and a partially paid sales invoice.

one option is to issue a sales order initially and recording the receipt with a description referring the sales order. when the work is completed issue a sales invoice and receive the remaining payment. edit the previous receipt to select the newly issued invoice.

second option is to issue the sales invoice and receive both advance and final payment against it when applicable. i believe this is what you are doing already.

the first option would suit you if your jurisdiction requires you to issue invoice only when delivering the product/service.

A good workflow would be as follows:

  1. Take a sales order from the customer for the full amount. (Create a new customer, if this customer is not already in your records.) Leave the order’s title as Sales Order. Include a note on it in a custom field explaining that work will not begin until a 50% deposit is received.

  2. Receive the deposit against the customer’s subaccount as described in

  3. Upon delivery, copy the sales order to a sales invoice for the full amount. The deposit will be automatically applied, reducing the balance due to 50%.

  4. Enter a receipt for the final payment.

This approach requires no custom theme, no changing of titles, no editing of previous transactions, and is using every transaction in the chain as it was meant to be used. It would be legal in every jurisdiction.