Dutch tax change

On the first of January this year the dutch 6% vat built in tax code changed to 9%. This also makes the “concept btw aangifte” report work and I can’t or don’t know how to change this report its settings to use another gl if I would use custom tax code.

Can I change the built in tax code for 2019 and onwards from 6% to 9%? Or can I link the “concept btw aangifte to custom G/Ls?”

Thanks for the help!

Dear Lars,

This is the first time that you post in this forum, but before posting things, first search the forum before asking help.
Your issue has already been solved before January 1,
There is a new 9% VAT code implemented and the “concept btw aangife” already works with this new percentage since Manager Version 18.12.21.
If your not on this version or newer, download the latest version
Read this thread on the forum and you find al necessary details.

No to both questions.

Thanks Hennie (and tut for your reply), somehow my old data is not here anymore. Probably because of using google instead of logging in with my account. It was a simple mistake I did not realize I had to add the new tax codes as the old ones are still there of-course as well :slight_smile: