Change VAT rate Holland


In Holland, from 1 January 2019 the low VAT rate will go from 6% to 9%. I’m not sure where I can change this or add to the desktop version.

Gr. Henri

I believe this has been discussed here The VAT codes Netherlands 9%

The latest version (18.12.21) contains new tax codes for Netherlands.

Dear Lubos,

When I install the last update, I only get to see my own 9% VAT and no change for the rest.

What would you expect to change? Old tax codes? These won’t change as it would affect historical transactions. What has changed is that new tax codes for Netherlands have been added as built-in tax codes.


If I use the 9% code, he will not include it in the report.

Are you using built-in 9% tax code or custom tax code? Only built-in 9% tax code will be included in VAT report for Netherlands.

I can not see a built-in 9% code after the update.

I can.


Hello, found. thank you. I want to wish you all the best wishes for 2019 and a lot of health.