Duplicate Logo and company name on receipts and payments

Hi all

Wondered if you can help please.

Ive noticed recently (today) that Receipts and Payments voucher suddenly duplicate the company name and includes the year end, as well as include the original logo. Never had the duplicate before.
See examples below.

Anyone else have this and any idea on solution please?

Many thanks

Are you using a custom theme?

What edition and version number are you using?

Has someone changed your business logo?
What are the business details set to in Settings?

Hi @Joe91
Thanks for the amazingly swift response!

No its not a custom theme.
Its Cloud version
No the logo has not been changed
In Settings the data is blank - see below

Each of the businesses has exactly the same issue

This is the business name - are you using g a backup?

I back up periodically.

All three businesses I run in Manager have encountered the same issue at the same time.

You should not be using the backup copies but the original business file

Also not sure why the business name in setting is now blank in each business? Im assuming this was where i initially input the company name when I set it up in Manager?

Im using the Cloud version which has the issue, but i do back up periodically - I misunderstood your question.

Use   as your business name in Business Details setting and this will remove the name. Not sure about the section and the vertical divider though, you might have to create a custom theme for that

Hi @Ealfardan

Many thanks for that - I typed in “&nbsp” into the business name input box and it sorted the duplicate company name issue.

But you are correct, it still shows a vertical line after the date, which still doesnt look so professional. See below.

Why have the changes suddenly occurred?

hi @Ealfardan

Having implemented this fix, it then removes the Title Header from the Reports (Balance Sheet/P&L etc) - see below.

Before it used to say eg “The Partnership Limited to 31 December 2021” as a Header. Now you can see the Header is blank. No title at all.

Read these

You can use custom themes to redesign your forms

Manager has always displayed the Name and Address set under Business Details.

this is because Manager fetches your business name which you had set under Settings which is now blank.

you have answered your own question by below statement.

i think you were previously using a custom theme which suppressed the display of your business details and some recent update to Manager has broken the code.

@brisali1, everything you see is explained by one fact: your Business Details under Settings are blank. You do not have a duplicate of anything. You have the name of your partnership incorporated as part of your logo. Since you have no business name in Business Details, Manager substitutes the name of the data file you have opened. This is explained in the Guides @Joe91 linked.

The absence of a business name in Business Details also means there is no business name on reports. @Ealfardan’s suggestion to substitute &nbsp as a business name made your business name a blank space. (Those characters are the unicode symbol for a space.)

All your problems will be solved if you set up Business Details correctly per the Guides.

Nothing in the program has changed in this regard. Somehow, you ended up using a backup that you renamed instead of your main data file. I suspect this happened because you thought you needed to close out a business at the end of last calendar year and start over for this year. You did not need to do that. See this Guide: Close an accounting period | Manager.

I think we have gotten ahead of ourselves here.

I was trying to find a quick modification to the plain theme when I realized that it’s not the business name that matters, it’s the business address. So, let’s consider this:

  • Is your business address field empty or does it contain blank characters?

Also, you should remove the   since it was just a workaround.

In post #3, @brisali1 showed that in Business Details all fields are blank.

I would spend some effort to change the logo. I think that Manager does well with the business name but could improve (was in other post) on the details such as separate entities for Company registration, Tax number, URL, main email and contact number. .

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That’s strange. I can’t reproduce this then.

I don’t understand why you are saying this, @eko. There simply are no business details. Are you just making suggestions for how you think the page in Settings could change? If so, that has nothing to do with @brisali1’s issue.

@Ealfardan, what is to reproduce? I was referring to the screen shot.