Bank Receipt & Bank Payment

hi i have problem with
When I get a voucher of Bank Receipt & Bank Payment
There are no bank names
Because I actually used it as a document overlay
and also other Information

and also other Information

I think there should be something like this

Basic form content is designed to be useful for the majority of users. Many would not want to show a bank account on a receipt given to a customer, because it is not the customer’s concern which bank account you deposited money into. And internal account designations are never shown on receipts. Think about those you get from merchants.

If you want the bank or posting account to show, you can add a custom field. You could also code a custom theme that includes the information, but that is beyond the scope of the forum.

Your suggestion is similar to a few others seen on the forum, where the user wants to duplicate all the features of a paper-based accounting system on the computer. Manager is not meant to be the input mechanism for a paper-based system. It is designed to be used on the computer, where you have access to all the information. Paper documentation that supports your entries is certainly necessary for audit purposes. But paper duplication is unnecessary, in my opinion.

Thank you
if the costumer deposit in the bank , they should take the receipt from the bank
if i deposit costumer chek in the bank the costumer did not need our bank receipt voucher
they need invoice or chek receipt voucher
and also as your suggestion for the for paperless in the view the data is missing
if i want to see the transaction i have only edit button
is it possible add on option for that

Yes, and the customer does not, in this case, need to know your bank or account information. The customer’s transaction was with your business. So this information does not need to show and would not be appropriate.

And you should do the same thing. The voucher issued by the bank is your proof of deposit, not a paper deposit record from your own accounting records.

Data is not missing, it is on the transaction entry screen. Do not think of that screen as only being for editing because it has the label Edit on the button. That screen is the primary record. The View button is only needed when someone outside your company needs a paper record.

Can you please help me and give me a template of theme
if i want to use this software very important for us
than you

I cannot give you a theme because I do not have one. Custom themes are your own responsibility. If you do not have the necessary programming skills, hire someone locally who can code in Liquid.