Duplicate & Auto-Entered Payments

Hello everyone,
A client of mine is having a new issue - which is: he made a payment entry of USD 450, and when he saved, he encountered a long-list of the same payment in the payment lists - a sample screenshot is attached. The other problem is that, when tried to delete these unwanted lists, nothing changes. He uses auto-numbered payment option and does not manually enter any PV no. When I asked how that happened, he said: there was a very poor internet at that time.
now he has a very negative cash balance as of a result of this.

Any help with regard to this case
Thank you

The first point of call is check the history and find the duplicate entries and delete those. History is found on top-right of the screen (se screenshot):

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@eko, thank you for response, but the list to be deleted is too much and the use of undo in History requires one by one reversal. Any other short-cut

Batch Delete.

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@Tut ,tried Batch Delete and it did not work.

What do you mean by “did not work”?

Nothing got deleted?
Only sone transactions got deleted?
The wrong transactions got deleted?
You could not select the transactions to be deleted?

@Joe91,I mean when I select the transactions to be deleted in Bach Delete and execute, nothing is deleted.

You wil probably have to delete transactions in a logical manner - for example, if you have payments or receipts associated with invoices, you cannot delete the invoices before you delete the payments or receipts

Can you illustrate in more detail what steps you have taken?

Let’s start at the beginning
What edition (Desktop, Server, Cloud) are you using?
What version number?
What Operating System?

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