Sales invoice showing as paid multiple times

Checked my Manager summary page. Clicked on income and found a single invoice shows as having been paid 4 times. Same date, invoice number, same customer, same payment amount and method. Identical. While I am concerned about why this happened, I really need to know how to delete the duplicate payments, as they are showing up in my total “income” on the summary page and inflating the total.

Your post doesn’t quite make sense. The income accounts on the Summary page don’t show payments, they (or it if you only have one) show invoices. If something is there four times it means you entered 4 sales invoices or cash receipts. To delete erroneous payments, go to Cash Accounts, click on the balance of the affected account, Edit the offending transaction and click Delete at the bottom of the screen. To delete extra sales invoices, go to Sales Invoices, Edit the duplicate and click Delete. Note that if you have already applied a payment to a sales invoice, Manager won’t let you delete it until the payment is first deleted.

Tried what you said about cash accounts. The invoice payments are not there. Went to sales invoices. There are no invoices that match the date and amount. Went back to the summary screen, clicked on the “income” $$$$ amount and they appear there. What to try next?

Post a screen shot of the drill-down from the income account showing these transactions. Also, two questions:

  1. Are you using cash or accrual accounting?
  2. Do you have the reporting period set correctly?

Can’t seem to get windows to do a screen shot using PrtSc and either Ctrl or Alt.

I am using cash basis and the period is set for this calendar year to date.

View every one of those transactions and figure out what they are, where they came from, and whether they are duplicates or you’ve made some other mistake or have some other misunderstanding. With cash accounting, they should not appear in an income account unless you received the money during the accounting period–this year, in other words. So they must also show up in one of your cash accounts. There is no other way for them to get there.

That’s the thing, I cant drill down further where they are showing and they don’t appear in the invoice screen. Here is a cut and paste from the income summary:

Date Transaction # Description Contact Debit Credit Balance
6/29/2017 Sales Invoice Check 2034 Payment received Dwayne Porter US$ 40.83 US$ 1,513.27
6/29/2017 Sales Invoice Check 2034 Payment received Dwayne Porter US$ 13.61 US$ 1,472.44
6/29/2017 Sales Invoice Check 2034 Payment received Dwayne Porter US$ 13.61 US$ 1,458.83
6/29/2017 Sales Invoice Check 2034 Payment received Dwayne Porter US$ 13.61 US$ 1,445.22
6/29/2017 Sales Invoice Check 2034 Payment received Dwayne Porter US$ 13.61 US$ 1,431.61
6/16/2017 Sales Invoice Ck # 2024 Ck # 2024 Dwayne Porter US$ 375.00 US$ 1,418.00
6/16/2017 Sales Invoice Ck # 2024 Dwayne Porter US$ 250.00 US$ 1,043.00
5/29/2017 Sales Invoice Trusted Medical Supply, LLC US$ 100.00 US$ 793.00
5/23/2017 Sales Invoice Dwayne Porter US$ 693.00 US$ 693.00

I don’t understand your confusion. Somehow, you have entered Check 2034 on 6/29/2017 four times. You can’t drill down further from the screen you’ve copied because it is the ledger for the income account. But you can edit those transactions.

To simplify things, go to Set Period on the Summary page and change to accrual basis accounting. Now you will see Accounts receivable in your chart of accounts. Click the balance, then drill down on the customer involved. You’ll see the transactions. If you received money multiple times against one sales invoice, you’ll see a credit balance for that customer.

Also, go to Customers tab and click on the Accounts receivable balance or dash for that customer. You’ll see transactions contributing. Let me know what you find.

Customers tab - Accounts receivable balance : no sign of the ck number or any payment(s) for that amount.

Set Period on the Summary page and change to accrual basis accounting:

The only place I see a chart of accounts is under “settings”. There is no balance showing, only an “edit” button.

You really need to figure out how to make a screenshot first. Download some screenshot making program (e.g.

Lubos, thanks for the link. I will post screen shots as soon as I figure out how to on this site :smile:

Note: copy & paste from Lightshot does not do it.

Upload screen shots by clicking on thesymbol above the composition pane when replying.

I did not mention the chart of accounts. To change to accrual accounting, see this Guide:

With Manager open on the screen that you want to copy, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and then push the PrntScr key.

Open a Repy window on this forum. Click in the Reply window so that you see the blinking line (text cursor). Press and hold the Ctrl key and then the V key on your keyboard. Wait while the image is uploaded.

Try this:

  • Go to Reports and click on “General Ledger Transactions”. Click New Report.
  • Set both the From and Until dates as 6/29/2017.
  • Click the Create button.

If the 4 transactions are listed, click on each of the blue amounts under Credit, which will take you to the Edit page for the transaction. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and click Delete.

If you can not delete a transaction, it is because you have received money against it. Try the others.

I did using accrual basis and they are not showing. Also, earlier, when I switched to accrual basis from cash basis, I do not see them. They only appear in the cash basis view.

@JHNC, now that you seem to have mastered uploading screen shots, you need to start over from the beginning. I think everyone is so confused by all that’s been written, you won’t get an answer any other way.

  1. Describe the problem completely.
  2. Describe your accounting configuration.
  3. Show screen shots that illustrate the problem, complete with headers (not just a few out-of-context ines). You can use the search function to filter to appropriate content. And you can obscure private information.
  4. Describe what the screen shots show and what you think is wrong, perplexing, or confusing about them.

I also note that the screen shot you just posted, which I am guessing is a drill-down on an income account, is at odds with the text you pasted in your fourth post. The check numbers are different. So please explain that, too.