Automatic allocation of payments

I thought that I had overcome the problem with auto allocations previously but it’s happened again :frowning:

There shouldn’t be any credit balances at all the way that I enter payments but I"ve obviously make a mistake somewhere.

I was hoping that someone may be able to suggest a way that I can back track and find out where the óverpayment would or could have happened ?



You’ve told nothing about what you are doing or the results. Provide details and screen shots.

Thanks Tut

As, I only enter payments (or receipts) individually against invoices as they appear on my bank statement, unless I make a typo, or miss a step I can’t see how there shouldn’t be any money left over for credits.

This particular invoice hasn’t been paid for as yet but it’s showing that it’s been paid for using an available credit.

When I click on “View” I find the following information:

I’m assuming from this that at some stage, I must have allocated a payment of $290 to an incorrect account or have done something else to cause the issue but just can’t understand how I can find out where such an error could have been made.

I should mention that 90% or more of my sales are to “one off” customers so I just lump them all into a single “Cash Sale” Account and add the individual customers’ information in the “Billing Address” field and this has been working fine for me until the Auto Allocation “problem” raises it’s ugly head.

Hopefully I’ve been able to explain the situation clearly enough for you to understand what’s driving me nuts and look forward to hearing back soon with any advice.

(I’m currently running Desktop Version 17.1.92)



The 290 is an opening balance, the figure could be higher, next time you click on automatic payment using available credit could have an opening balance of only 180.

Have you considered (as you lump invoices together) that you may have missing invoices rather then overpayments.

Why don’t you create under Reports - Customer Statement using Transactions type and a early From date.

Then you will be able to match transactions off and hopefully highlight any mismatches.

Hint: No problem with lumping invoices together, but try small grouping - Cash Sales - Jan, Cash Sales - Feb, or other criteria. Then the needle in the haystack wont be so hard to find.

That sounds great !

I didn’t realise that report was available but great idea - Thanks so much !!

On the subject of reports, is there a way of creating a report showing all transactions for a specific period (such as all transactions for a month ?)

I’m assuming that it can be done through Custom Reports but don’t have any idea on what or how to do a query to make it happen.

Thanks Again !



That’s the General Ledger Transactions report. Define any date range you want.

Thanks Tut,

That works OK but I was hoping that I could do a more basic report with just the individual transaction details including customer names etc to make it easier for my ageing brain to comprehend :slight_smile:

Well, that isn’t what you asked about. So what exactly are you looking for? What transaction details? What etc?

I know that I’m probably not making myself to easy to understand (a massive understatement I know) but what I would like to get is just a simple report that lists all transactions for a given month that I can print out and use to compare it with my bank statements.

Maybe (for example): Customer Name; Invoice Date, Invoice No; Invoice Total and a dated list of all bank transactions.



Export the Sales Invoices register and the drill-down on the bank account balance.

Is there any way of specifiying dates to export or do I have to do the whole register and just delete dates that I don’t need ?
(Sorry for all of the dumb questions)

Depending on your date preferences, you can use the Search function. It searches all text and numbers as literal strings, though, not as numbers. So if you are using DD-MM-YY format, you could search 02-2017 and get February of this year. But if you are using MM-DD-YY format, that won’t work. But exporting and editing in a spreadsheet is very quick.

Maybe this article can help?

That extra R16 404.88 was input incorrectly.

How do I rectify that?

The auto allocation option was used on other invoices now and my statement to customer doesnt balance.

Please help me.

If you have created a transaction in error (shouldn’t be there) - then delete it by clicking Edit, scroll to the bottom and click Delete.

However you seem to have a lot of transactions all on the same date for this Customer.

Starting from the bottom you have a Sales Invoices which looks okay, but the next two Receive Money entries don’t look right. In the Amount column, Receive Money entries should be in red print (like the ones above them), these are in black so how were they created.

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I deleted the extra received monies and also the credit note now.

All seems to be balanced now. Finally.

Thank you very much your help.