Autopayment bug?

Hi there,

I am confused with the autopayment calculation because I have a customer with overpayment of IDR 200,000 from the previous invoice. However when the new invoice is generated there is an auto payment of IDR 400,000. I checked with all the transactions made by this customer but failed to find where the extra 200,000 came from. Is it a bug?

Thank you

You do not say what screen you are looking at, but it seems to be a drill-down on either the Customer Credits or Accounts Receivable columns in the Customers tab. Is that correct?

If so, you seem to have some strange things going on. I am referring to all the zero Rp transactions. Can you explain where those come from? There should be a transaction description showing for all but the automatic allocations, which should show a hyphen. But your zero Rp transactions show nothing, suggesting they may be related to incorrect entries somewhere.

Whatever they are from, it looks like you may have entered the overpayment against invoice #127 manually on 10/02/2016. Is that what you did? If so, that could also contribute to your problem. You received the excess payment the same date, but somehow zeroed out the balance in this customer’s account with the lower of your two circled amounts. The receipt of the excess payment created a balance of -Rp 200.000,00, which was inexplicably cleared by the circled entry, boosting the balance back up to zero for no apparent reason.

Yet according to your screen shot, on 01/03/2016 when you raised sales invoice #205, there should not have been any customer credit to draw upon. Yet, although you think there should have been Rp 200.000,00, your books show nothing. Still, Rp 400.000,00 was suddenly available to be applied.

In summary, I think you have two problems:

  1. Whatever the source is of your zero Rp entries, it seems to be adversely affecting your accounting, and

  2. Your separate entry of the overpayment, which Manager would already have recognized, made things worse.

Without knowing the source of the zero Rp entries, that is all the help I can offer.

I assume this is list of transactions in accounts receivable for particular customer.

But there could be other transactions posted to Customer credits. Go to Customers tab, then click on the figure under Customer credits column and show screenshot of that screen.

I found and fixed the problem. Apparently there was a credit note issued on this particular customer hence the double amount of customer credits. Thank you guys for the help :slight_smile:

I am still curious to know the origin of the zero Rp transactions.

It could be an older version. In newer versions, zero-amount transactions shouldn’t be leaking into general ledger.