Downloading All Accounting Entries for a specific period for audit purpose

Downloading All Accounting Entries for a specific period for audit purpose.

Hi, Our Auditors have asked us to provide the list of accounting entries for a specific period (ex: 1st Nov - 30 Nov) for their audit purpose. How do we extract/download all the accounting entries for that period of time.

Can we be guided on the process or the steps for us to obtain the list.

The best thing I can think of is to jump into the reports area and select General Ledger Transactions.

There, you’ll be required to enter the date fields, and an optional account (leave that one blank). Give it a description, something like "2018 Audit by xxx" (arbitrary, it’s up to you). and click Create.

From there you can view your report and you can print it off as a PDF or email it etc.

Hi, i have tried this and I have received this

we cant download it as a pdf
we would like to ask if there is any other format that can be done

Yes, you can. The button is right at the top of the screen:

If you mean you don’t want to download it as a PDF, copy it to the clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet.

Thx i just saw it.
any other option to get a transaction report ?

Export as csv?

You can also send the auditor your backup file and ask them to download the desktop edition so they have access to any transactions they select for the audit. Auditors usually have access to all financial records so providing them with the full Manager file would be consistent with these access rights.

may i ask how do we get the back up file to be sent?

The top right of each page.


how do i do this, may i ask what is csv?

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. There is no point in an export, though, as you will only be exporting what you can already see on the screen in a formatted report. Why not just print or create a PDF of the report?

Okay, understand.

I would like to be able to export the info to an excel. is there a way of doing that?
as in all the info for all the transaction in that one month

As already stated above: copy to clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet.

If the information in the General Ledger Transactions report isn’t sufficient, you will need to create a custom report. Several users have posted illustrations of reports similar to what you want. Search the forum for those. You may need to modify their versions.

okay thx. will do