Generating Bank Statement for audit

Hi, My auditor is asking for bank transaction statement from 01-04-2016 to 31-03-2017 for auditing. Please let me know how do I generate this report. I have two account under cash accounts - Bank and Cash as shown below.

Click the value of each cash account and it will show you the transactions related to the particular cash account.
Then at the bottom you will find the export option. Click it and you can export to excel.
Do this for every cash account you have.

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But how do I generate for specific period? Do I need to set period?

at present you cannot generate periodic statements.
just export to excel and you can filter as per your need in excel itself.

or you can enter the month or year in the search field. this will show you the transactions for that particular period. after that you can export it.

Hmm. It would have been good if there is a standard report under reports section. Nonetheless, thank you very much.

Unless your auditor is restricting their audit procedures to reviewing your bank account transactions only you should consider sending the auditor the backup Manager file which they can import into their desktop edition to access all transactions including the bank account transactions.