Report containing all of my journal entries

I can view my journal entires individually, but is there any way for me to print ALL of my journal entries? Going one by one and printing them takes forever.

Click on Journal Entries tab, then click Export at the bottom. You can choose format, typically an Excel file.

Hmm, that includes the narration but not the account breakdown. Are there any reports that include narration and the accounts in the journal entry?

None that I know of. There seem to have a been a rash of people asking similar questions on the forum lately. It’s as though people are trying to replicate old-fashioned, hand-entered accounting journals and account ledgers. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that these days.

Also, if you are new to Manager, you may not yet be aware how few journal entries are actually necessary. There are shortcuts for most common transaction types that reduce errors and save time. In fact, one user recently suggested doing away with journal entries entirely. My point in saying this is that if you use Manager’s many features, the list of journal entries you describe would not be of much use.

Hi @lubos, is it possible to have this report ?
Since it’s available in the Accurate program and my tax consultant got a macro program that will modified transaction based on journal entries. It’s available in the Accurate program.
If possible please make this report available.

This report is possible using custom reports. If you post list of columns, I can give you SQL query you can use in Manager to obtain such a report.

Hi @lubos What do you mean with post of list of columns ?

What I will need is Date of Transaction, The Journal Entries which is the COA (debit against credit) and if possible the code of the COA, description of the transaction, and is it possible for you to create unique code for each journal entry of the transaction ?

Hi @lubos, any update for my request since EOY is just a few days away.

Thank you.

In the latest version, you can create custom report with SQL query:

SELECT * FROM JournalEntryLines

This will give you list of all journal entry lines entered within Journal Entries tab.

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Maybe I am doing something wrong or mabe I have a wrong version.
I have Version 16.1.6

Error Message

The latest one is 16.1.10 so try to upgrade again.

Thank you. Will do

Where do we get the codes of the customised reports available?

Yip I tried it and its working. I needed this function as well.

I know eventually you will release a guide on custom report

Hi @lubos, is this just for Journal Entries that we input manually in the Journal Entries Tab or will take all transactions in the manager ?

Only journal entries, for all transactions there would be different query. Do you need all transactions? What columns?


Hi @lubos, I need all transactions that happened in the Manager not just the one that I input manually on the journal entries tab.

If that’s the case, for the time being, you can use General Ledger Transactions report. Custom reports cannot do this yet.

HI. I need this too.
Use case: to check if any entries have been missed.
Track order by order and check if a txn had been saved in a wrong column etc.

Any sample SQL code which I can extrapolate into my own columns