Display entries for the specific period

In most accounting applications when you open a bank account, Purchase Invoice, Sales invoice, Journals etc, you are given the option to specify the period for which you want the report to cover. Ledgers display balance brought forward (the closing balance before the start of the specified period and the closing balance after the specified period. The user can then print out or export the details and work with it , e.g. manual bank reconciliation for just a month or a week. I hope you know what am talking about.

This is only how accountants think about financial records. Business owner wants to open a customer, supplier, bank account etc. and see the full history, not just a few recent transactions because financial year has ended 2 months ago. When you log into your internet banking, typically you can navigate back in time through list of transactions regardless of financial period boundaries. Why? Because that is what businesses demand. Full history.

In future, it will be possible to filter transactions by date range directly within tabs but that’s just nice to have feature. In the meantime, you can easily export all transactions and apply the filter in external spreadsheet program or generate a report such as General Ledger Summary which is for the period of time. Figures on this report are clickable which will give you list of transactions for specific period.

Filtering transactions by date is what I wanted to say, many account reconciliation are done monthly e.g bank reconciliation and customer or supplier statement reconciliation. The ability to avoid the time wasted on looking for the a specific period will be a boost to productivity and avoid mistakes