Does import bank statement is failing?

This morning just did with a bank account and was fine. I made the conciliation with this account an everything fine.

Later I’m trying to do with another account and the import wizard get 0 transactions. I thought it was my file but I tried with the file I sued in the morning and also reads 0 transactions.

Here is my file:

27-08-2020,I.T.B.M.S - Costo y Comision Transaccion: REC-R3MEQC4A2YC,Págelo Fácil,ITBMS COM,-0.07
27-08-2020,Costo y Comision Transaccion: REC-R3MEQC4A2YC,Págelo Fácil,COM,-0.93
27-08-2020,Recurrente o Re-proceso por BRIC,Clientes,PG,10.7
26-08-2020,I.T.B.M.S - Costo Pago a Afiliado ACH,Págelo Fácil,ITBMS COM,-0.07
26-08-2020,Costo Pago a Afiliado ACH,Págelo Fácil,COM,-1
11-08-2020,I.T.B.M.S - Costo y Comision Transaccion: AUTH_CAP-IPRCJL,Págelo Fácil,ITBMS COM,-0.18
11-08-2020,Costo y Comision Transaccion: AUTH_CAP-IPRCJL,Págelo Fácil,COM,-2.56
11-08-2020,Autorizacion y Captura de Fondos,Clientes,PG,58.85
11-08-2020,I.T.B.M.S - Costo Pago a Afiliado ACH,Págelo Fácil,ITBMS COM,-0.07
11-08-2020,Costo Pago a Afiliado ACH,Págelo Fácil,COM,-1
07-08-2020,I.T.B.M.S - Costo y Comision Transaccion: AUTH_CAP-QDYEZY,Págelo Fácil,ITBMS COM,-0.47
07-08-2020,Costo y Comision Transaccion: AUTH_CAP-QDYEZY,Págelo Fácil,COM,-6.68
07-08-2020,Autorizacion y Captura de Fondos,Clientes,PG,176.55

And here is the result:

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 12.07.09 PM

Is it any new version of cloud that came up just now? or what can I doing wrong?

First, are your screen shots for the import that worked or the one that did not?

Second, it looks like you are importing a CSV-formatted file. Does your bank offer any other format? If so, try that.

Third, does the date format in your import match what is set under Preferences?

Fourth, are the two statements in exactly the same format?

Fifth, have you tried placing the file in the order specified for CSV values in the Guide:

Hi @Tut:

Thanks for your answer!

Somehow this last advice solved the problem. I have built the CVS from the XLS bank statement. I have a few months importing with this bank account, but 2 years down it with other account. I have used another order of columns all this time. I don’t know why it happened now.

Thank you very much.