Import bank statements

In the spreadsheet i have 1808 transactions to import Manager is only importing 1613?

See the Guide
Import bank statements

Manager attempts to skip over transactions which have already been imported.
The matching can produce unexpected results if partial day imports are done or if manual receipt / payments are entered as well as bank importing.


I am also having the same issue. This is the first import or transactions I am processing and yet I have this error.

Have you manually entered some transactions for the same time period you are importing the bank statement?

No, I did not. I am now capturing them manually.

Your response is contradictory, @inDulgenz. You say, “No I did not.” Then you say, “I am now capturing them manually.” Which is it? You either have manual entries during the time period or you do not.

After I set up the business a few days ago, I then followed the steps to import the bank statement. When I was reconciling the bank statement today, I saw the there were some transactions that did not import. I identified them on the bank statement and tried to import them again today. They still did not import. I ensured that I had the correct parameters as per the tutorial.
I then decided to enter them manually (today) as I failed to import these transactions.

@inDulgenz, bank statement import problems are probably the hardest to diagnose remotely. Manager’s behavior is highly dependent on what is already in your database, as well as what is in the imported file. Banks are notoriously bad about following standards for exported files. And in some cases, there are no standards.

What format is the file you are trying to import?

Thanks for the reply, Tut.
I am importing via csv.
Not to worry as I am almost complete with processing the manual entries.

CSV is the most troublesome format, as there is no standard. If your bank offers anything else, try it. CSV is also the format most easily “corrupted” by the spreadsheet program you use to view it. A true CSV file is not in any spreadsheet format, yet they are often exported or converted to such.

Thanks, I will keep this in mind.

I use CSV files to import my bank transactions. I have never had a problem.
Have you tried entering a new row at the top and then naming the columns “Date”, “Amount” and “Description”?

Hi Clive

Thanks for your response. I did add in a header row.

Thank you for sharing this information. This may be useful to me.