Bank Statement Imported But Transaction Not Appear in system

Hey, I’m having trouble with the import bank statement. I have created and used the import bank statement on this account several times. All worked accordingly.

For this month’s transactions, I repeated the same process of importing bank statements from CSV. Nevertheless, after the download, the transaction did not appear in the system.

I have checked the history. The list of transaction displays in the history log. However, none of them were included in the transaction (neither receipt nor payment).

Meanwhile, I have tried to upload the same CSV file to another data file and it works perfectly.

I would appreciate it if somebody could help me on this.


You have not completely illustrated any problem. In fact, the only thing you have shown confirms proper functioning.

Hi Tut,

Yes. I managed to upload the CSV file as in the pic. However, the transaction with bank didn’t reflect all. (That’s the actual problem: smile:)

You have still not shown what you think is a problem.

The best way is to explain step by step what actions you took and show the screen images of the results of each step.

Otherwise, we are just guessing in the dark

What happens after you press import on the screenshot you show her. Show the new screenshot.

Hi, sorry if my previous explanation is a bit confusing:

I explain the steps first .

  1. Upload the CSV file into import bank statment button

Closing balance before import is MYR 124,191.30 and closing after import is MYR 119,677.21 (as photo).

The new balance after imported should be MYR 119,677.21

However, after I clicked the import button, the closing balance remain unchanged and the transaction also not imported despite all the steps are properly done and followed.

The balance after imported as shown in pic below:

The main problem is even i have imported the statement the balance and transaction listing remain unchanged in Payment / Receipts function.


When you go to the Bank and Cash Accounts tab, what shows in the Uncategorized Receipts and Uncategorized Payments columns? Unless you have defined a perfect set of Receipt Rules and Payment Rules that covered every single transaction, something will be there, awaiting your intervention. Read the Guide: Import bank statements | Manager.

Hi Tut,

I have checked, there were no pending uncategorized transaction for this bank account. I attach the snapshot for the reference:

On summary screen show is there anything in the suspense account. If so click on the amount posted there to see the details of what transactions are in suspense.

Hi Eko, I have checked there were no suspense account in the summary. Looks like even the transaction was successfully imported, but it’s not reflected the bank transaction.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from what you have posted, @Richard.Brian, is that you did not complete the bank statement import process. Otherwise, the transactions would be included in Receipts, Payments, uncategorized receipts or payments, or Suspense.

Read the Guide again and be sure you follow every detailed step.

Hi Tut,

I have followed all steps in the importing process. Not sure which part went wrong since the other file can be imported successfully in the same company datafile. It is any possibility the datafile got an issue? FYI i’m using the cloud version.

Thank You.

Check the date settings on your Summary page. Is it possible you have excluded the dates covered by the import? Also, is this a current import and not from before a start date?

Hi Tut,

Thank you for the input. I have checked and found the problem is due to the date setting. Thank very much all. I really appreciate it.