Bank Import not working on 19.2.85 Mac version

Bank import from a csv file, it has 149 transactions, is not working this is the error i am getting:

|Number of transactions in the file |0 transactions| |—|---|
|Number of transactions already imported|0 transactions|
|Number of transactions to import|0 transactions|

This does not look like a problem with Manager. The program imported the file, parsed it, and determined there were no transactions meeting the required format. CSV files are the ones giving the most problem on imports. If your bank offers any other format, try it. If you must use CSV, make sure you have read and are following Especially, be sure the date format in the CSV file matches your preference in Manager. Otherwise, the dates will be ignored.

Hello, thanks for your reply, cleaned the data and re-imported thank you so much, wasted all day yesterday doing all sort to import it.
thanks again, all done.