Does anyone know any workaround

Does anyone have a workaround when it comes to budgeting? Budgeting is extremely important at my organization, because I work at a non-profit and making sure that projects don’t go over is extremely important. This app would be complete if they had a Budget module. I recommend looking at GnuCash [and implementing some of their features. Now I prefer the interface for, but GnuCash is probably the most complete open source accounting app there is, but I prefer to use now.

Budgeting is coming in soon to Manager - see the roadmap. I fully agree that budgeting would make it so much easier to manage money. This will hopefully be implemented in the next few months.

Until the Budgeting feature arrives, you could Add a Business and duplicate your Chart of Accounts and then build up a Budget by creating a Journal for each month (dated the 1st) and enter an amount against each account that requires a budget figure.

While this wont give you reporting comparisons, you do have the option of exporting and merging if required.