Financial budgeting for non-profit organisations

Are there any plans to include budgetting in Manager? It would be great to be able to enter a budget with categories and to compare it in a report with the actual income and expenses per category in a customizable time frame. :smiley:

It’s good feature suggestion but not on to-do list that is going to be implemented within 3 months. It hasn’t been requested often enough.

Another request :smiley:

A budgeting feature would be amazing!

At the moment, I have to export my financial statements into MS Excel in order to do my budget comparisons. Integrating this ability into Manager would be an absolute God-send for me!

Yes, I would also like to have the budget feature…

a budgeting feature would be most useful.

Also request here.

If you look at the Roadmap link on the homepage, you will see it is on the development list.