Budgeting in Manager

Are you considering adding or I would like to suggest that you include budgeting in Manager. I think I it would be very good if we can have budgeting provisions in the Manager accounting.


Yeah, budgeting will be added sometime early next year.


Budget-ing would be such a good feature. I’ve found that a (long) work-around is copying and pasting from Manager reports to Excel. Fiddly but it works well. Then use Manager for accounts and Excel for Budget management. Doesn’t make for an integrated system but it works.

As a new, emerging enterprise it’s ok while we can only afford the (free) desktop version. But to pay for Cloud/Server without this budgeting feature would be annoying. Otherwise great work - Manager very impressive and easy to use for a simpleton like me.

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Do you have any timeframe on budgeting please?

Yes, I totally agree to add Budgeting Menu in Manager Application. It will give very meaningfull tools to examine our performance.

I am sure it will come to that , but for now, Lubos is focused on making manager better and most important features first.

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Same with Ahmadsetioaji, I hope Manager will add budget immediately. Regards. Kuncara

I am looking forward to budgeting feature in Manager Accounting.

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@lubos, do we have an ETA on this feature?

any update on budgets please?

good post for me .

The first question was late 2014 on the subject.
What is the status now?
I am very content with this software but i lack budgetting.
Nice job and keep up the good work.

I’ve just started using Manager and am most impressed with it’s ease of use and intuitive nature. Just adding my voice to those who’d be interested in a Budgeting feature.

yes, the year end is coming soon and it would be great to have the budgeting issue ready for 2016

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Are there any update on this subject maybe?

If you go to http://www.manager.io/roadmap it is number 6 on the to do list.
So its getting closer.

how to use it ? could you send more details

Sorry, how to use it? Do you mean Budgeting in Manager or the link mentioned above,
Budgeting is a module under development and its proposed availability is unknown.



i was making a mistake.
i thought budgeting is one of software related with account.

What is the status of thei request now? this is already requested since 2014?