Budgeting and cost centers

Hello, I am testing these days Manager for a new company in a developing country. The software is up to now the best option in terms of ease for users (mostly non accountants) and completeness of features.

Still, the company will have to deal with different budgets, since most of the money comes from investors or donors.

Hence, the budget management becomes quite an issue. I fear I cannot rely on a manual integration with Excel, since competences here cannot be built in a short time.

I have seen other discussion bringing up the same issue I am wondering if the budgeting/cost centers function is going to be implemented soon or there is still time to wait.

Anyway, your work is impressive and I hope you keep it up!


Cost centers can be already tracked using Tracking codes

See: http://www.manager.io/guides/miscellaneous/tracking-profitability-by-division/

Budgets haven’t been implemented yet. Unlike other feature requests, budgets have been popping up only lately. I imagine Manager will have this module in 3-4 months. Maybe sooner if more users keep asking for it.

I would also like to see a budgeting feature in Manager.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of this application.

In my organisation, I plan my budget projections on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Can you please add this feature and allow it to span across any time period?

It would also be nice if budget reports can compare projected against actual.

Budgeting and cost center (not tracking codes) is highly desirable feature (I use Manager for Project accounting) and yes ps add me to the waiting list.

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Budget features would be great. looking forward to get it implemented.