Budget on Manager

How far is the Budgeting function on Manager. One can really use such for planning and budget control. it’s been coming since 2014 and on a road map for a while. Please give me an indication as I am considering signing up with other parties for this particular function which is not ideal for me as I prefer to run all my systems in Manager.


I concur as I have come to the realisation that without budgeting functionality, I am unable to manage my finances in both personal and business accounts. I have quite a few things that I would like to have implemented in Manager, but I consider this to be the top priority as its having a negative impact financially on me. Budgeting is essential.

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As a work around you could create another Manager Business called Budget, duplicate your P&L chart of accounts and then via Journals create a budget for each month - these journals would be created unbalanced as that would represent the months budgeted profit.

Now you can create exactly matching P&L reports in both the actual and budget businesses for performance comparisons. The reports can have columns for both cumulative to date as well as individual months.


Basic budgeting has been added

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