Display Received in Account Data on Custom Theme

I would like to display the data from the ‘Received in’ field, specifically the ‘Account’ data, on a custom theme. Is there a variable available to retrieve and display this field’s data?

Maybe it’s not possible, is that right?

That is right. Themes can only display data passed to them by the program. Account is not passed for receipts.

If line description is empty then view shows the account head.
But, when line description is filled. then, view shows only line description not account head.
It would be better if view shows both account and description in line.

The developer’s view is that receipt forms go to customers so often, they should not—generally—include the account. That is none of the customer’s business.

But the transaction needs some form of identification so you can track it down. So if you provide nothing, Manager will substitute the account name.

If you want both, add a custom field, as has been explained countless times on the forum.

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