Include Account in payment/receipt form


How can I add the account to be included in my Receipt/payment form?

I noticed it is inclueded in Journal transactions form (using the same theme…)

Can anyone help me with this?
Please note I have made an attempt to find documenation on Guides and forum, Yet Could not figure it out by my own.

Put it either into Business Details or add a custom field. You don’t need to know anything about variables. No theme programming is necessary. See Enter business details | Manager and Use custom fields | Manager. If you put it into Business Details, it will appear on all forms where your address appears. If you use a custom field, you can place it only the those forms where you want it.

Thnks Tut,

But the account can be Any account… (from whre a Issue a payment from or receive a payment to)

If I issue a check from Bank account 1, or I issue a check from Bank Account 2, How can I add that to Bussiness Info?

Can clarify me how can I make that work?

@repeted, please do not double post questions. That divides responses.Your post on another topic has been moved here.

I see you merged this to postsYet these are 2 different issues… Maybe similar but not the same…

Well, they seemed related, because only bank account information makes sense on some receipts and payments. Including bank account information on these forms makes sense when you expect customers to send money electronically, or if you are confirming where an electronic payment is coming from. Including account names from your chart of accounts is essential on journal entries, because you are debiting and crediting those accounts.

But why would you want to tell a customer or supplier which internal account you are posting a payment or receipt to? It is none of their business, and they have no idea how your chart of accounts is constructed or what kind of transactions you post to which accounts.

Completly agree with you,

But my intention to post the accounts on the payment/receipt form isnot for customer purposes is more for internal reference, when reviewing printed documents it is hard to tell/verify the information was properly recorded, if the accounts are not visible. The only way to have the internal account visible is By not adding a description and by the way in some cases both (account and description) are needed or usefull.

So 2 questions remain:

  1. How can I add what bank/cash account the payment/receipt form is affecting?

  2. How can I have the internal accounts posted (for interal purposes) along with descriptions?

Thank you

For both, you would need custom fields. And those would have to be completed manually every time.