Display Account Code on Sales Invoice

Is it possible to add the Account Code automatically either in the “Description” cell or add a new cell to the current sales invoice theme to show the account code. I can obviously see and choose which account in the Sales Invoices screen but I’d like to see this also appear in the printed invoice.


Accounts to which line items are posted are not shown on any completed forms except journal entries, either by name or code. These are internal matters, not something to share with customers or suppliers. What is your use case and why do you think it would be helpful to publicly reveal the structure of your chart of accounts?

I also want the Account Code displayed in “Cash Account”. Please give me some script to edit the theme. Thanks

If you assign a code to a cash account, it will display in a column under the Cash Accounts tab. For example:

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No theme is involved. Themes apply to transaction forms, not ledgers. And account designations of any kind do not show on transaction forms except journal entries, as noted earlier in this thread.

I mean displaying account code in payment voucher. I have edited some text in this report but cannot modify the column in theme.

You can’t add the account code because neither that variable nor any other attribute of the account is part of the content of a line item on the payment form or any other transaction form.