Discrepancy on Starting Balances Report

The Starting Balances report does not display the starting balance of Fixed assets. I remember that it used to. It only shows starting balance for Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation.

In my case, it also includes, under the heading “Equity,” the entry “Starting balance equity,” but with neither a debit nor credit on that line. I do not remember seeing such an entry previously, though I have no printed copies of an earlier report to check. I have no account named “Equity” and have not entered any starting balance for any equity account.

Thanks. The report was broken after custom control accounts have been added. It’s fixed in the latest version (16.8.15)

OK, so the format now includes all Asset, Liability, and Equity accounts rather than just the ones with starting balances. No problem there.

But I still have “Starting balance equity” listed under Equity. I have no such account, so where does this line on the report come from?

Starting balance equity should be shown only if starting balances don’t balance. The latest version (16.8.16) will not show this account if starting balances balance.

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