Information not showing in reports

I have three catagories that do not have ‘name titles’ appearing in Starting Balance report sheet, even tho they all have a name title but its not showing up in any report. Tried to upload screen print to illustrate the problem.
Anyone know how to resolve this issue.

It would appear that only the sub-accounts (subsidiary ledgers) are being displayed under Description not any main accounts. Those listed appear to be sub-accounts of Bank/Cash on Hand.

No these arent sub accounts ie One is Fixed assets, another prepayments for Insurance and another prepayments for Pitch Fees all accounts are named correctly as shown below

Can you clarify why these accounts appear in the Summary under Starting balance equity? You have identified them as asset accounts. It is difficult to try to follow what’s going on since we have only your screen shots, but something else seems amiss.

OK, this issue where account names were shown under Description column has been fixed in the latest version (16.4.22)

With regards to your initial post my point was - non sub-accounts titles “don’t” display whereas sub-accounts titles do, but @lubos has now fixed that.

However, as @tut has highlighted - why do have the “Starting balance equity” account at all? This account only appears when there is something “amiss” elsewhere. My suggestion is that either 1) the Starting Balances are out of balance or 2) your Starting Date or Set Period Date are in conflict with the Starting Balance transaction date. Can you provide:

Settings - Start Date: What date has been entered?
Summary tab - Set Period: What “From” date has been entered?
Reports - Starting Balances: Can you provide a screenshot of that report?


ok, well according to About I am using 16.4.23 on cloud version anyway