Fixed Asset Summary sheet

I have created and input data for new fixed assets, when i print Fixed Asset Summary report the Opening amount appears in the Additioins column as shown below is this correct, I would have expected it to show in the first column.

This is a small quirk in Manager. To resolve it, change your Start Date to at least one day before the opening date of the Fixed Asset Summary period. For example, if you started using Manager on January 1, 2015, set the Start Date for December 31, 2014. You need not transfer any transactions from a previous accounting system. Just begin entering transactions as of January 1, 2015. The Fixed Asset Summary will show the cost and accumulated depreciation for the asset in the Opening Balance column.

This is similar to statements you might receive from some financial institutions, where balances are shown as of end of the last period, followed by transactions and ending balance for the current period.

In my experience, nothing else is thrown off by moving that start day back one day.

sorry done that but doesn’t change anything

In that case, you have done something else that is causing the problem, because if you follow the intended workflow for creation of fixed assets and establishment of opening cost and accumulated depreciation balances, and have a Start Date before the opening date on your Fixed Asset Summary, the opening balances will definitely show in the Opening Balances column rather than Additions.

oh right i’ll have to study this further then, as I thought I had created the fixed assets according to instructions.

If you like, describe the steps you actually went through in as much detail as possible so I can help you sort it out. I suspect the problem is something so simple you just did not realize it mattered.

@m1sty222, as @Tut said, this was a bug. Upgrade to the latest version (16.4.21) which is fixing this issue.

Perhaps this is inter-related with the “Starting balance equity” issue in your other post “Information not showing in reports”