Chart of accounts

What’s the differences between “Capital Accounts” and " Starting balance equity" on chart of accounts ?

Capital Accounts is a functional module the allows you to create capital accounts and members (who own capital accounts). Starting balance equity is an automatically created account that usually signals a problem with your entries. Under most circumstances, it should not be there. You will have to provide much more information about the situation before anyone can help you determine whether it should be there in your situation. Screen shots will probably be necessary.

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kindly find on below the screen shot.

The first step is to click on the 200,000,00 balance for Starting balance equity to see what contributes to that balance. Also, did you have an ongoing business before using Manager? If so, did you set a Start Date? And were there accounts with balances carried forward?

As mentioned, your Starting Balances are out of balance by 200,000.
Go to Reports - General Ledger - Starting Balances and that report should be a duplicate of your last Balance Sheet prior to starting with Manager.

That is, if that Balance Sheet shows bank with 10,000 then the Starting Balances report should show the bank with 10,000. Do the same matching for all the other Balance Sheet accounts.